Job Woes

So yeah. I work at a whole sale fish distributor. I have worked there for over a year with no breaks. That’s a big deal for me. At McDonald’s I took a 6 month leave, not to mention my month long Europe trip… I just get depressed in the winter and do not want to move. I kept chugging along with the fish job though. I learned a lot too. Unfortunately it wears me down sometimes. Yeah, maybe I am a wimp, but what can I do? It hard for me to take classes because I am not interested in letting down my co-workers by asking to not work two days out of the week.
Anyways, I offhandedly applied for some college jobs, mostly thinking that I would start a student job in the fall. Well, I applied for a few so I could have a more flexible schedule once I started next school year so I can transfer sooner. I got a call back yesterday for a job in the Social Science department, which I think is awesome because I am interested in working in Sociology. It would be running errands and making copies and such. They asked for an interview today, and I went in between shifts. I wore a suit and had a resume, but I couldn’t get my medusa piercing out, which is unfortunate.
Things went awesome, I thought. We laughed together about some things and I seemed confident. She told me that I would be getting a call back on Friday to tell me whether or not I got the job, and if I did then I could go in and start filling out paper work. Then she told me I’d have to start working by May 11th! That is barely two weeks notice for my current job! I am scared to tell them I was looking for another job because I am a baby. Plus I work with one of my best friends (imaginationgirl) and what if she’s sad?! It seems like any career move I make goes waay too fast. When Kelsey got me the job at the fish wholesaler I was having a great time at McDonald’s and BOOM! I had to quit there and move on.
I wish I had like a month or something, but who knows, I may not get the position. It pays a little more than what I make now, and I still get weekends off. I guess I will see where it goes.
I think Cameron (the boyfriend) will be happy because I will be less tired from doing hard work. I would say the fish job is pretty taxing, there is a lot of lifting things that way more than I do practically, and getting up early in the morning. So that means I will be m ore energetic and happy. Maybe. Unless this receptionist job sucks. They said I get to do homework when it’s slow though, which is sweet. Anyways, I am taking Mythology over the summer, and I have a lot of belly dance classes to take so this could be positive. We shall see. Watch as I get disappointed.



One Response to “Job Woes”

  1. stghm Says:

    I liked when you could stay up past 11pm and your schedule was flexible. I remember offering to go to Cedar Point last year, and you said no because you could only go on a weekend and weekends are super busy at Cedar Point that you have to wait in lines for much longer than on a Tuesday.

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