So, this is it…

In one hour it will be tomorrow. This is terrible for me. A lot is riding on tomorrow, for it is when I find out if I did or did not get a job. I am scared. I really tried hard for it. I already put approximately $80 into getting this job. (I bought the little suit-like outfit). I really would appreciate the job because I would love to have awesome college references for future jobs once I have my degree… If I ever get a degree… I really liked the woman who interviewed me too, and I think she liked me. I just keep thinking that some maggot with more receptionist experience will get the job, because they are more wholesome and are piercing less.
No. Social Science people like the crazy ones, right? Garble. I just want to meet Sociology professors who will take me under their wings.
I cannot decide what is worse. Receiving the call that says, “Sorry Mackenzie, you just weren’t right for the position…” or no call at all. If I didn’t get this job, it was a total waste of confidence. I did stinking awesome on that interview.
Glarp. I feel sick, and tired. I need to get to sleep. Let’s name some things I can look forward to this weekend?

1. Kickball with friends, although I am not sure if it will be too wet.
2. Victorian Day- Always awesome.
3. Shiit… There is something else.. Oh yeah, Vampire.
4. All those were on Saturday, but Friday I get to practice belly dance.

All I can think about is my efforts failing. Everyone tells me to stay positive. But I was positive on the day it mattered. I was confident and positive. Now I am in freak out mode. I am still confident, but I just don’t want to be disappointed.


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