Back to the Drawing Board- Part 2

Oh god. My life is slipping, but I am not all that devastated. Here is the deal. Soon after my rejection from the Social Science job, I found the holy grail of Mackenzie jobs. A Scene Shop Aid. A paid position involving something I have done all through high school. I was so excited, and it was all I could think about for days. The application was not due until June 30th. So I applied. A couple days later I noticed my application had been denied!! So today I called the Stage Tech manager at LCC and asked him about it. THEY HAD ALREADY CHOSEN SOMEONE! How can you hire someone that soon!? They must have known what clown they wanted from the start and only put up the application because they had to be fair. Maggots. I want a student job because I won’t have to worry about my schedule as much and inconveniencing my coworkers and bosses because I have weird hours.

I got my tattoo,which only ended up being $50, which was nice. It’s pretty cool, and I think it turned out well. I don’t think many people like it though. Everyone thinks it’s totally crazy to get a My Little Pony tattoo, but I don’t thin so really. How is it any more crazy than getting anything else? The whole tattoo thing kind of stresses me out.. I think people are too judgmental about them, including me sometimes.

Anyways, the artist is new to tattooing and her name is Lily. She did a pokemon tattoo for Cameron fairly recently. I sat a long time and I went on a lunch break with her and the artist who sits with her and watches her, Perry. So when we came back my leg was all puffy and we decided to do a second sitting. So currently, my pony is flesh-colored. She will be teal once I go back. She has her little tribal belly dance costume colored though. (Did I mention in my previous entry that she was a belly dancing pony?)

I have no photos yet because my camera is broken! I was really worried at first because I didn’t want to pay for a new camera, but it turns out I was still under warranty. So I’ll just take photos once I get it all finished and my camera is working again.

Here is my current worry. My current job is cutting my hours, which is great because I like having more spare time to do nothing, but sadly I am getting only about $100 a week. I have a long list of frivolous expenses in the coming months which concerns me.
1. Approximately $70 in belly dance lessons in July
2. A pair of Official Bettie Page shoes- $50
3. $300 tattoo. The artist who did the skull on my shoulder is in Lansing over the summer and I want him to do another image on my opposite shoulder of a Gypsy. I want to make sure it gets done before he leaves because I am not sure if he will come back. I am really concerned with artist consistency, so I wouldn’t have another artist do this particular tattoo.

My hours will be cut severely in June when I start a face to face class in June at LCC. Then I will probably have to quit my job completely by July, or definitely by August. Okay. I really don’t need the Bettie Page shoes. But I still have a lot of frivolous expenses.


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One Response to “Back to the Drawing Board- Part 2”

  1. stghm Says:

    100 a week isn’t that bad, considering you still live at home and don’t really need to spend that much probably. If you get a new job, it’d be good to make at least 200.

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