Even Bettah Zahn Mama!

Today I took all that I have learned thus far from the newest addition to the “Mama” series, ‘Gardening Mama’. I finished the vegetable garden that I (with the help of Cameron and my dad) have began. First off, I have way to many cucumber plants. I am sure not all of them are going to live, but they all have sprouts currently. There is about 30 plants. The soil everything is planted in has some spots that have a high amount of clay. am worried the roots will not make it, although there is tons of roots in the soil… Those are weeds though, so I have no idea how easy the vegetables will make it through.

Here is a list of all of the vegetables….
~Bell Peppers (purple, yellow, orange, green, possibly red too.)
~Green Beans
~Sequoia Beans
~Wax Beans
~Butternut Squash
~Summer Squash
~Asparagus (can’t be harvested for one year)
~Sugar Snap Peas

I hope the harvest is as bountiful as the ones I have in Gardening Mama…
New updates on the job front…. I am officially over with my current job on May 29th. I am now trying very hard to get a job in the LCC library. I have three friends who work in opand I hope that will help me. I just submitted my application and I plan on calling them in a few days. I really hope this works out.

Currently I am trying to help my cat Mr. Rags.Mr. Rags 001 He has been sick for a few years, and he’s very thin. He is the same age as another cat in our house (Sergeant Tibbs) and he is actually his brother from the same litter. Mr. Rags is much smaller than Tibbs now. He also has diarrhea constantly. He recently has been peeing in shoes and in a couple spots in the floor. I think the peeing is due to a lack of attention. Lately I have been giving him more attention and I haven’t seen him peeing on the floor. I get really pissed because no one else will give him attention because they think he’s “gross”. Lately I honestly want to punch anyone who hesitates to pet him. I am pretty sure he’s conscious of the fact that people do not give him any attention, which is sad. My mother doesn’t even call him by his name any longer (just ‘grey-cat’) and calls him ‘it’ instead of ‘he’. I get angry and yell every time she does that. I wouldn’t stop respecting someone who had cancer and didn’t look or act like themselves. Love is going to be the best thing for him right now, since the vet can never seem to fix him. So long as he stops peeing outside the litter box there should not be an issue with him in our house. If he continues to pee, I am not sure what to do. I refuse to lock him up in my bedroom, and no one will take in a cat, let alone one that pees outside the litter box. Putting him to sleep is also stupid because he is happy and friendly like any other cat when he gets attention and time to play.


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One Response to “Even Bettah Zahn Mama!”

  1. stghm Says:

    I call him grey-cat sometimes because “Mister Rags” is more difficult to say, and if I don’t like the name of one animal, I’ll generally call it something else like “brown-dog” for my grandma’s dog named “Scooby-Doo.”

    Sergeant Tibbs can be shortened to Tibbs, which is pretty easy to say. Miles is a little more difficult, but still easy.

    Mister Rags has an /r/ sound leading into another /r/ sound, which makes it sound like I’m saying “Mister Ags” unless I take the time to enunciate.

    For me, grey-cat happens to be the best alternative because I don’t really like his name. If his name was easier to say, I would call him by that more often.

    Pronouns work too though, I’ve gone my whole life without addressing my father as “dad” when speaking to him. I just jump into whatever I have to say. I don’t know why, it just feels less comfortable than calling my mom by “mom.”

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