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Even Bettah Zahn Mama!


Today I took all that I have learned thus far from the newest addition to the “Mama” series, ‘Gardening Mama’. I finished the vegetable garden that I (with the help of Cameron and my dad) have began. First off, I have way to many cucumber plants. I am sure not all of them are going to live, but they all have sprouts currently. There is about 30 plants. The soil everything is planted in has some spots that have a high amount of clay. am worried the roots will not make it, although there is tons of roots in the soil… Those are weeds though, so I have no idea how easy the vegetables will make it through.

Here is a list of all of the vegetables….
~Bell Peppers (purple, yellow, orange, green, possibly red too.)
~Green Beans
~Sequoia Beans
~Wax Beans
~Butternut Squash
~Summer Squash
~Asparagus (can’t be harvested for one year)
~Sugar Snap Peas

I hope the harvest is as bountiful as the ones I have in Gardening Mama…
New updates on the job front…. I am officially over with my current job on May 29th. I am now trying very hard to get a job in the LCC library. I have three friends who work in opand I hope that will help me. I just submitted my application and I plan on calling them in a few days. I really hope this works out.

Currently I am trying to help my cat Mr. Rags.Mr. Rags 001 He has been sick for a few years, and he’s very thin. He is the same age as another cat in our house (Sergeant Tibbs) and he is actually his brother from the same litter. Mr. Rags is much smaller than Tibbs now. He also has diarrhea constantly. He recently has been peeing in shoes and in a couple spots in the floor. I think the peeing is due to a lack of attention. Lately I have been giving him more attention and I haven’t seen him peeing on the floor. I get really pissed because no one else will give him attention because they think he’s “gross”. Lately I honestly want to punch anyone who hesitates to pet him. I am pretty sure he’s conscious of the fact that people do not give him any attention, which is sad. My mother doesn’t even call him by his name any longer (just ‘grey-cat’) and calls him ‘it’ instead of ‘he’. I get angry and yell every time she does that. I wouldn’t stop respecting someone who had cancer and didn’t look or act like themselves. Love is going to be the best thing for him right now, since the vet can never seem to fix him. So long as he stops peeing outside the litter box there should not be an issue with him in our house. If he continues to pee, I am not sure what to do. I refuse to lock him up in my bedroom, and no one will take in a cat, let alone one that pees outside the litter box. Putting him to sleep is also stupid because he is happy and friendly like any other cat when he gets attention and time to play.


Back to the Drawing Board.


Well. My 2 years worth of bad karma has caught up with me. I didn’t get the job. Big stinkin’ surprise. So Friday was my cry-day. I felt better when Nick and my mom and I went to Woody’s Oasis, and then TJ Maxx. At TJ Maxx we found some metallic bronze stretch pants. They were $3, so we bought them all for costumes for a space movie we want to make.

Also, I tried some of my new pin-up style make up on, but I cried if off a few times, so I had to keep replacing it. I need to take some photos to put up here so I can track my progress, but Friday was a bad day for that. Also, I tried to do victory rolls for the first time ever, and it turned out alright. I need to work on it a little, but so far, so good. I used a great tutorial from YouTube for my hair.

So, I realized that I still have some great chances to get good jobs on campus. I am going to try and apply for the newspaper as a photographer or something. And I have many other positions i have also applied for. I just wanted that Social Science one most of all. Oh well… I have already started on scheduling for fall semester, and I am trying to take morning classes, but I am signed up for one night class (biology) because two of my friends are enrolling in it and it will help to have a study group.

Also, I am getting a tattoo tomorrow, which is always great. I will most definitely take photos of it to put up on here.

So, this is it…


In one hour it will be tomorrow. This is terrible for me. A lot is riding on tomorrow, for it is when I find out if I did or did not get a job. I am scared. I really tried hard for it. I already put approximately $80 into getting this job. (I bought the little suit-like outfit). I really would appreciate the job because I would love to have awesome college references for future jobs once I have my degree… If I ever get a degree… I really liked the woman who interviewed me too, and I think she liked me. I just keep thinking that some maggot with more receptionist experience will get the job, because they are more wholesome and are piercing less.
No. Social Science people like the crazy ones, right? Garble. I just want to meet Sociology professors who will take me under their wings.
I cannot decide what is worse. Receiving the call that says, “Sorry Mackenzie, you just weren’t right for the position…” or no call at all. If I didn’t get this job, it was a total waste of confidence. I did stinking awesome on that interview.
Glarp. I feel sick, and tired. I need to get to sleep. Let’s name some things I can look forward to this weekend?

1. Kickball with friends, although I am not sure if it will be too wet.
2. Victorian Day- Always awesome.
3. Shiit… There is something else.. Oh yeah, Vampire.
4. All those were on Saturday, but Friday I get to practice belly dance.

All I can think about is my efforts failing. Everyone tells me to stay positive. But I was positive on the day it mattered. I was confident and positive. Now I am in freak out mode. I am still confident, but I just don’t want to be disappointed.

Job Woes


So yeah. I work at a whole sale fish distributor. I have worked there for over a year with no breaks. That’s a big deal for me. At McDonald’s I took a 6 month leave, not to mention my month long Europe trip… I just get depressed in the winter and do not want to move. I kept chugging along with the fish job though. I learned a lot too. Unfortunately it wears me down sometimes. Yeah, maybe I am a wimp, but what can I do? It hard for me to take classes because I am not interested in letting down my co-workers by asking to not work two days out of the week.
Anyways, I offhandedly applied for some college jobs, mostly thinking that I would start a student job in the fall. Well, I applied for a few so I could have a more flexible schedule once I started next school year so I can transfer sooner. I got a call back yesterday for a job in the Social Science department, which I think is awesome because I am interested in working in Sociology. It would be running errands and making copies and such. They asked for an interview today, and I went in between shifts. I wore a suit and had a resume, but I couldn’t get my medusa piercing out, which is unfortunate.
Things went awesome, I thought. We laughed together about some things and I seemed confident. She told me that I would be getting a call back on Friday to tell me whether or not I got the job, and if I did then I could go in and start filling out paper work. Then she told me I’d have to start working by May 11th! That is barely two weeks notice for my current job! I am scared to tell them I was looking for another job because I am a baby. Plus I work with one of my best friends (imaginationgirl) and what if she’s sad?! It seems like any career move I make goes waay too fast. When Kelsey got me the job at the fish wholesaler I was having a great time at McDonald’s and BOOM! I had to quit there and move on.
I wish I had like a month or something, but who knows, I may not get the position. It pays a little more than what I make now, and I still get weekends off. I guess I will see where it goes.
I think Cameron (the boyfriend) will be happy because I will be less tired from doing hard work. I would say the fish job is pretty taxing, there is a lot of lifting things that way more than I do practically, and getting up early in the morning. So that means I will be m ore energetic and happy. Maybe. Unless this receptionist job sucks. They said I get to do homework when it’s slow though, which is sweet. Anyways, I am taking Mythology over the summer, and I have a lot of belly dance classes to take so this could be positive. We shall see. Watch as I get disappointed.

How do i Bettie Page plox?


So. All I can think about is Bettie Page and how I want to be a pin up girl and how rockabilly rules. Bettie Page is beautiful. I kind of want to be her sometimes. I really hate that bondage junk a lot of the time, because I think it’s silly.. Seriously, pulling out a gag ball during sex sometimes seems like pulling out a rubber chicken during sex to me.. Trust me, I don’t know what kind of gag balls are normal, but the only ones I have seen are made with a medium to large bouncy ball you get out of a coin machine inside the door of a super market.

Anyways, Bettie Page makes a gag ball look awesome (even if she used a rainbow colored bouncy ball). She makes everything look awesome. It sucks she’s one of those Hot Topic memes, but whatever. I need to be a pin up girl. I would like to do the campy poses, where I am fishing and I go to cast line, and, “WHOOPS! The hook caught on my polka dot dress and lifted it up slightly, I am so embarrassed!” Aside from that, since I am not model material…

I had a dream that I missed a tattoo appointment because I had belly dance lessons! And my artist was texted me the word, “FAIL!” (The artist I am going to next says that often). Anyhow, I am getting a My Little Pony of some kind, but they failed to call me to confirm if I could get it this Monday. And Cameron said today that Nick was his new best friend. It was cute, but I don’t like when people say that what other people say is cute sometimes. So it was awesome of him to say that?

Oh, and thanks Nick for the banner…