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To skip a lot of boring job-oriented enteries..


Here is the deal. I haven’t written in a long time. Perhaps that will change. Many things have changed, let’s just do a quick rundown.

Quit my crappy job, broke off my long term relationship, met someone who ended up being lames-ville, U.S.A. and thought my record player was there for looks, became flat-broke from college, met a wonderful boy whom I love, got a job in the photo lab of a department store, thought I was moving to Portland, Oregon, did not move to Portland, Oregon, and now I am here.

My cat Mr. Rags from a previous entry was put to sleep about a week ago. Here is another photo.



That is all I am going to give you now..


Hello world! (word press default, not my idea)


Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Here it is. My fourth blog, excluding my livejournal I only made to post in a group called Vagina Pagina. WordPress rules. Did you know two or more people can write in the same blog? Well, they can.

I never thought of robots as inanimate objects. That is, until Cameron called them inanimate objects and I realized that yes, they truly are. Look at this freaky thing. Nick showed me this.