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Can’t I write about anything else?


Hooray. More work issues. For one, I am so positive hat my current managers have totally forgotten that I am quitting this week. I am too much of a chicken to bring it up, even to Kelsey. I don’t know why feel so intimidated. I felt the same way for some reason at TJ Maxx, and that’s why I stopped working there. Anyways, I should be done there by this Friday.

I got called for the same interview as Cameron last week. We each had our interviews today. I wasn’t so sure I wanted the job, so I didn’t go out of my way to do anything special for it (such as make a resume). I kind of blew the beginning when I said that I wasn’t sure if I could work a night job. (8PM-12PM). Then half way through I realized, “Oh yeah! It wouldn’t be total hell to work until midnight when I wouldn’t have to get up early in the morning. And remember when I worked at McDonald’s and still liked working late?” So right at the end I tried to save myself by saying, “Oh, actually I think I could handle this job with my summer schedule!” But who knows if it worked.

P.S. The library hired someone before interviews. What a surprise. Not.

My camera has been repaired and it works fine. I just want a smaller SD Card so it starts up instantly. Currently Nick let me borrow his 8 gig card so there is a delay. Making it pointless to be a point and shoot camera if I can’t point and shoot. But whatever, it’s fixed. And I will be able to post my own photos soon.

Currently, I am not sure how to spend the large sum of money I planned to spend this summer. I am not going to any music festivals since I found that Neko Case is playing in Grand Rapids, MI. I am going to that in July with Cameron’s mom. So it leaves me with either a tattoo ($300-ish) or this amazing bicycle ($600).

I really want to get either the gypsy face on my right arm, or an anchor arrangement on my chest. I am not sure what one I should do first. It makes most sense to go the Gypsy first since the artist is in town currently, and it would match the style of the mermaid skull on my left arm. The pony tattoo is still not finished because dumb mosquitoes keep biting it so I can’t get it finished.

The bicycle is awesome though. It has a classic 50’s style to it, just like the one I currently ride that is actually from the 50’s. It’d be nice to have a sturdy bike in a style I enjoy. I couldn’t ask for a better bike, really. It has anchor designs on the front and seat and it is a navy blue color. I can get baskets on it and such and it can be nearly exactly like my current bike. I am planning on transferring to a different college (not a community one) in fall 2010. The bike will be used non stop when there is no snow on the ground. Unfortunately I will have to but about $80 in locks for it to ensure the seat or whatever is not stolen. I would also like this bike since I can’t take my current bike on trails and this one seems pretty hardy and able to take on different terrains. It also has 3 speeds.

My dream Bike

My dream Bike

I wish there were better photos of it online showing the anchor details. Anyways, I have to order it into the bike shop, so I am afraid it would end up costing $800… If that’s the case, forget it…